About us

The SLP directorate for centralized SLP was established in 2022 with the intentions of advancing the vision and mission of WSU. The centralization has addressed a number of specific requirements of higher education and training of the present time. In particular, the Post-Covid-19 industry and skills requirement are complemented by technological requirements associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). In this way, the WSU SLP directorate essentially provides educational and competency requirements that address present needs.

Vision Statement

Our vision can be stated as:

To position a responsible SLP that offers a comprehensive and innovative development. The positioning of SLPs will achieve WSU’s mandate of a transformative agenda in developing impactful education and competencies that are responsive to local, regional and national development priorities and cognizant of continental and international imperatives”.

Mission Statement

In achieving its vision, the SLP structure will:

  • Identify and nurture individuals that can contribute to national development through industry and environmental responsive SLPs.
  • Contribute to specific national, regional and international developmental requirements in a dynamic environment
  • Maintain the highest standards of innovative SLPs that will be valuable for community, society, industry, national, regional and global development

Core Values of WSU SLPs structure

  • Quality – The WSU SLP structure is committed to provide quality standards of knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies
  • Access and success – Ensure that the learning and competency development is accessible and lead to successful positive development from a broad perspective
  • Transformation – to equip beneficiaries with skills and capabilities that are responsive to the needs of the community and that will promote advancement and development
  • People development – to develop students, members of the society and clients to adapt and apply appropriate technology
  • Caring – to promote development and welfare
  • Resource consciousnessto promote efficient and effective management of resources.